The Trend of 3D Ecover Technology for E-Book Covers

Having a great looking e-cover is very important for the success of every e-book. It may not as significant as the content inside, but still it does have a major role. Technology has developed to a great extent in every field and so has it in the arena of e-covers as well. Gone are the days when e-books used 2D e-covers. The latest trend here is 3-dimensional covers that create a realistic effect, thanks to the advancements in e-cover technology. Creating a striking 3D eCover is a very effective way to catch the focus of target audience. E-books with such covers can certainly grab the attention of more audience than 2D images.

Creating an attractive 3D ecover is easy with the available e-book cover software programs. There are several such programs available online today. MyeCoverMaker is one such program that offers 2D as well as 3D renders for creating gorgeous e-covers. According to review by several users and critics, it is one of the best e-cover creators in the market. You need not be a professional in graphic designing to use this software; even beginners in the field of graphic designing can use it without any difficulty. It certainly will be of great assistance to publishers, artists, product developers, musicians, and internet marketers as they can create excellent looking ecovers for their ebooks, artwork, tools, software applications, songs, and special reports.

A 3D e-cover that is designed well with the scheme, colors, and theme in harmony will present an overall appearance of high quality that is sure to confine the readers’ interest, which is converted into actual sale when the reader is motivated to purchase the e-book if he or she finds the cover to be tempting. As a publisher or author, you can sell more number of e-books and make money and at the same time you can convey to a vast audience about your beliefs, ideas, and technical knowledge, which would be your main goal of writing an e-book.

Besides the opportunity to create an e-cover that is unique, there’s plenty more reasons as to why you need to benefit from this kind of software. With all the features required to create graphic designs of professional quality for e-covers, there are high tech and exciting special effects incorporated in the program. A great example of one of such special effects is you can make the cover of an e-book close, open or move it to any angle.

A majority of the 3D e-cover programs available online feature several pre-designed 3D templates that can be used. You just have to choose one template out of these and add your text. Most programs will come with step-by-step instructions to create the cover. 3D e-covers created this way can make your digital images tangible, motivating prospective buyers to make a purchase.

No matter whether you are just a beginner in designing or an experienced person, the 3D programs will make it simple to create excellent e-covers.

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